Songs for Soundtracks/Theme Music

In recent weeks, production has been working on some very "special music"  that will contain heavy instrumentation along with powerful overtures that will make you say "wow" and could easily be used as a part of any up-coming movie soundtrack. The first of the two compilations entitled "In His Image" will consist of a powerful orchestration which has been carefully arranged and recorded for an awe inspiring piece. Whereas "Memories In The Snow" will  take you to another place with its hint of Asian influence. Though still in production, both songs have received strong reviews with request for copies of the songs once they are officially released. Look for September release dates. 

"No Brainer" or "Alternate 27" (both in early production) will shake up the "technoes". Or maybe you want some latin fusion? Recently, we completed the final mix for a local well known magician "Enigma" and his unbelievable magic show. It features a crazy latin rhythm that will make your legs want to dance and horns that scream all over the place. Trust us, you will be moving! 

New Voices/New Dreams

With "GQII" being the "starship" if you will, VizionEar is looking for other talent that is wanting to sing praises. We have enough producers in house to match up your talent with our talent. On the "contact" page there will be a section that will allow you to contact us and discuss your dreams with us. However, we kindly ask that you do not submit any material until we ask for it and that it should be copywritten so that we may protect you and ourselves. Please take a moment to look at the next page, fill out the required information and lets talk about that dream of yours and how VizionEar might be able to make it real.