So much time has passed, so many songs unheard, so many dreams unrealized. Well all of that is about to end and there is nobody more excited than us. Well, maybe GQII


Early on in his life, he sent a song to Columbia Records -forget the fact that he only sent the lyrics but he sent it anyway. But even then, he got a response back from Columbia Records saying that he was a "gifted" talent and just needs to refine his skills a little bit more. Time passed and those so called "skills" have been developed by the grace of God. 

"I can't do anything in my life without His blessings" he will be quick to tell you. "I've had so many opportunities come and go that I started getting mad at myself because I would listen to everyone else and they were not doing anything I couldn't do. You hear people talking about being in the right place at the right time? That could not be further from the truth. When it is God's time? He will open every door - even if it has multiple padlocks on it".  

At the beginning of this year, GQII said this was going to be his year. "Oh yeah, I prayed about it and I watched as things began to happen. The greatest blessing came when I was asked to produce a CD filled with 43 Bible verses. "God walked me through it all and even gave me the music to accompany it". That was the confirmation for him. So, now he is releasing two songs that will exhibit his full talents. The first of the two is "Blessings" which as GQII says "nothing else needs to be said here" It's got a gentle Latin feel to it and sort of reminds him of summer. It's light and it's easy to listen to. The next one is "Enigma" - it was originally written for a well known magician (you have got to see his act) and to make a long story short- it rocks! It has some screaming horns and a driving rhythm to it. Trust me, it could easily be played in the clubs and if it does? It's over!!!

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Photos by J. Batiste Arts

Outfit by "Carla"