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He has shared the stage with some of music's icons, written songs and produced maybe a CD or two. But you've never heard of him have you? That is what happens when you are the "person" behind the scenes and not the one that is doing sold-out concerts around the globe. Now, some people are quite happy with this - they're still doing what they love to do and are making a pretty decent living out of it. But what do you think would take place if suddenly the writer, the arranger and the producer wants to take a step into the limelight? No idea? Then let us introduce you to "GQII"

He has watched, he has studied and he  believes that now is "his time" and he has set no boundaries for himself. But he has opted not to go with the "pop" path but instead follow another road first. Having recently written, arranged and produced a song for a rather popular magician's stage act (he actually named the song after him) the song had a driving Latin feel to it and that got deep into his musical core. So his initial musical entries entitled "Enigma" and "Blessings" are about to be introduced to the music world only contrary to the meaning of enigma, there will be nothing hard to understand here. "GQII" is about to light it up. His energy will take you over and simply carry you away! He will either put a fire in your spirit or he will soothe it by giving you a more gentle but peaceful side to himself. Finally, it's his time!



VizionEar will produce music that has no set boundaries. Once you hear what we create, you will be saying the exact same thing.